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Why You Should Ditch Smoking in Favor of a Handheld Vaporizer

Even as the hazards of smoking are repeatedly announced on various media, there are still many people who smoke. Even as the health benefits of vaporizing and aromatherapy are repeatedly trumpeted by medical experts and ordinary folk alike, there are still people who prefer smoking. Among the common reasons cited for this preference are the following:
  • Vaporizers are too expensive.
  • Smoking is preferable because it allows you to taste the herb.
  • The experience is just not the same.
The truth is that these "reasons" are nothing more than misconceptions arising from a lack of knowledge and understanding of the process of vaporization. Let us go through those reasons again to show why vaping, and not smoking, is actually the better option.
Misconception #1: Vaporizers are too Expensive
Vaporizers may indeed be more expensive than smoking pipes or cigarettes, and this is true whether you choose hand held vaporizers or tabletop models. When you talk of expense, however, you should look beyond a product’s price tag. Vaping technology has advanced so much in recent years that the devices currently being sold are durable enough to last for years, provided you use and care for them properly. Furthermore, vaporizers have been known to stimulate more of the active ingredients in herbs than smoking does, which means you need less of the herbs to get the same amount of benefit. Considering all these, vaporizing is therefore the more cost-effective solution. Besides, vaporizers now come with much lower price tags than they did before! And we won’t even talk about the healthcare costs commonly associated with smoking.
Misconception #2: You Miss out on Tasting the Herbs
Who says vaping doesn’t do the same? If you’ve never tried using a vaporizer, then it can indeed be easy to conclude that it only lets you smell the herbs. But once you give it a try, you’ll realize that the vapor carries with not only a pleasant aroma, but a rich, flavorful taste as well. In fact, most of those who have made the switch report that the smell and taste of the herb is a whole lot better when it is vaporized than when it is burned in a smoking pipe or as a joint. Let’s say your herb of choice is tobacco. When you smoke, you most probably taste burnt tobacco. When you vape, what you’ll taste is pure tobacco. Now, who wouldn’t want that?
Misconception #3: The Experience is just not the Same
Now, this is one reason we won’t argue with. The experience definitely is NOT the same. It is BETTER. Much better. Just ask anyone who has ever made the switch from smoking to vaping. After their first session, most people report that their lungs feel cleaner and their breathing easier when they vape as compared to when they smoke. And within a few months of making the switch, people have reported being more active and generally feeling healthier than they ever had before. So no, the experience isn’t the same. But would you rather have the same, less-than-pleasant experience or a better, healthier one? Now that you understand why vaping is a better option than smoking, it is time for another important piece of information: Vaping isn’t just for those who enjoy consuming tobacco or need to use marijuana for medical purposes. It can also be used for aromatherapy. There are many herbs that promote general health and well-being and you can use these herbs in your vaping sessions. People have, in fact, made use of the healing properties of these herbs for thousands of years, albeit with different delivery methods. Some are consumed as tea and others used in an aromatic bath. Now you can also vaporize them. Other than cannabis and tobacco, vaporizers may also be used for aromatherapy herbs. When you choose to ditch smoking and start vaporizing, one of the major decisions you’ll have to make involves choosing a specific vaporizer. The range of available options is so wide that the task may indeed be overwhelming. For someone leading an active lifestyle, however, the best option is perhaps to get a handheld vaporizer. The portable vaping technology has indeed taken the industry by storm, and understandably so. Many people may have realized that vaporizing is a much healthier alternative to smoking and these people may have embraced vaping, but most of them don’t really want to deal with bulky and complicated equipment. In fact, this is part of the reason why there are still those who haven’t made the switch; the original vaporizer models were just too big and too complicated to operate. The good news is that advances in technology have led to the creation of vaporizers you can easily carry around in your pocket. These pocket vaporizers are great for travel, as you can readily use them wherever and whenever you want. If you’re going on an outdoor adventure where you don’t have access to electricity, then you can bring a butane-powered device. If you just want something you can bring to work without having to bring a lighter or a can of butane, then you may choose a rechargeable model. These portable devices are truly versatile, as they even come with chargers designed for use in your car, so you can vape even when you’re on a road trip. It is said that tabletop versions hold the advantage of providing you with vapor of better quality. For this reason, there are people who buy these devices for home use and also keep a portable model in their bag for on-the-go use. You, too, can do the same if you want to enjoy the different kinds of experience offered by these two types of vaporizer. But, what if you can’t afford to buy more than one vaporizer? Is there a way for you to enjoy portability and high-quality vapor at the same time? Good news! There are handheld models like the Ascent by DaVinci that provides you with vapor to rival that of tabletop versions. And the technology continues to evolve such that it won’t be long until we finally see a handheld vape that tops the vapor quality of tabletop models. There really is no reason to wait. Portable vaping has arrived and it is here to stay. Shop Online for Cannabis-Infused Beverages