What Are The Benefits of Medicated Teas?

House of Jane – BREWED TEAS

Since we are now carrying “Speciality Teas,” our patients are asking our budtenders about the benefits of using medicated teas. Though there are many more benefits of drinking tea for just its antioxidants factor alone, there are many more reasons why you should give Jane’s Brews a try:

  1. Anytime, anywhere therapy.
  2. Discreet method to medicate.
  3. Synergistic effects of caffeine and cannabis.
  4. Available in Sativa/Indica and CBD Strains.
  5. No cannabis smell or after-taste.
  6. Lab tested and certified for quality and consistency.
  7. Pain relief and relaxation without “couch lock”.
  8. Effects begin within 15 minutes and last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours.

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