What is Cannabis “Shake”?

How do I Choose a Type or Strain?

Many patients have asked our budtenders about the types of cannabis shakes we offer and how they differ. You can donate for “Premium Harvest Shake” which usually is strain specific, containing all of the same flower, thus making it a higher quality shake. This also means that it will contain buds in the mix, helping it to retaining more of the taste and freshness.

How Much does it Cost?

$70 for 1/2 ounce and $140 for the full ounce. We also carry a “Platinum Harvest Shake,” which is a combination of multiple strains. This allows us to offer it for a better price! $30 1/2 ounce and $60 for the full ounce. Finally, we also offer “Bakers Trim,” which contains mostly odds and ends of the plant and it goes for $10 for the full ounce. Check our menu for the latest pricing and options.

Marijuana Shake: Yes or No?
Excerpt reprinted below courtesy of Dutch Seeds from May 22, 2013

Now there are many opinions and arguments about which is better – the marijuana shake or the marijuana nugs. But before we go to the pros and cons of these both, firstly let’s explain what marijuana shake means.

Generally, “shake” refers to the loose leaves, seeds and stems, at the bottom of a bag of marijuana. From this reference we can assume that marijuana shake is not of such quality and therefore is cheaper that marijuana nugs, for example. Marijuana nugs from the other side are basically the fresh and soon harvested marijuana buds. They’re of higher quality and of higher price.

So when you buy cannabis, which is not expensive, keep in mind that this might be marijuana shake. Therefore I recommend you that you grow your own marijuana, so that you can take advantage of the fresh buds while selling the shake. Many youngsters turn to marijuana shake because is cheaper.

Now, if you check some forums for more opinions there are people on both sides – the ones say that the shake is better than the nugs and vice versa.

According to the people who prefer marijuana shake, the shake has mainly Trichomes in it, which is important information because THC and CBD are such trichomes and they have mostly cannabinoid content. The cannabinoids are the elements which make a weed strain strong or weak. So according to these people you get mostly cannabinoids for your money.

On the other hand there are those who believe that the fresh buds are better and you have to pick quality over quantity. In reality almost everyone agrees that buds are stronger and more effective.

After all I think that everything depends on money and personal taste. It’s not that the marijuana shake is bad but if you really have the manoy and the will to get stoned out, then my advice is to go for the marijuana nugs.

Another advantage of the marijuana shake is the fact that you can use it later in the kitchen. That’s right! There are on this site several articles, explaining how to cook some things with marijuana. The shake is perfect solution in this case. Instead of putting the best buds out of your crop, just put some marijuana shake. It does have similar or even the same effect but you leave the fresh buds for smoking only. With marijuana shake you could prepare Marijuana Chili, Marijuana Cinnamon Rolls and Marijuana Cookies. There are also articles on the site which give you recipes about these dishes. You can check them out!

One more advantage of the marijuana shake is the fact that it’s easier to use. You simply use it in a vaporizer. When having buds, you have to prepare them in advance – to break them up, which may seem difficult, especially if you don’t have much experience with smoking weed.

The last way in which you can use the marijuana shake is by selling it. One more time there are many people who prefer it to buds and besides you’ll get some good money for it!

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