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About our Los Angeles Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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    Adam Hodges
    Adam Hodges
    18:03 02 Mar 18
    This place is top notch. Service is fantastic and the tenders know what they are talking about. They always guide me to the best bang for my buck. Great selection, serve recreational, and right off the freeway, what else could you ask for? Pro-tip: check the website for daily deals, They are great!
    ryan smith
    ryan smith
    18:56 19 Feb 18
    Top notch spot with great deals to match.. Very professional and business oriented. They have a great variety of strains to choose from. Deals all the time and great staff to match good looking sky... and Serena..cool security guards come check them out..
    Letitia Franklin
    Letitia Franklin
    22:41 18 Mar 18
    Just ran into a satisfied customer who assured me I could get a proper $5 gram of some 🔥 fire Indo. I'm headed to you as a first time patient. Lil low today so show me some love. I need love L O V E
    18:54 08 Mar 18
    I have been coming in to this shop for awhile now and the more I keep returning the more expensive it keeps getting. And every time I try to come in for the daily deals, which I DO check and have been checking on a regular bases, I never get them most of the time for whatever reason and the deals are not always as great as they seem. I also spend a lot of money here every week for, in my opinion, pure crumbs. I personally don't care for the fact they weigh your flower in the back and not in front of you because I feel like in the past couple of weeks I have been not getting the amount I payed for at all. Also the lines can get a bit long and you have to wait awhile but other than that the shop is clean and well kept and the employees are nice but the prices are straight up ridiculous even for patients like myself.
    Svetlana McAllicher
    Svetlana McAllicher
    03:05 10 Mar 18
    Nice, large & clean all around place, with very helpful, patient staff, who'll gladly take you through everything that they have in stock, item by item if need be, as well as any "specials"(of which I understand there are quite a few, & are "on" daily, including a "NEW patient/customer", on your very 1st visit) which'll be "on" for that day. They carry a pretty decent-size selection of just about everything you might want: from reg. buds, oils, hash, edibles, to plants, & even sell pre-rolled single smokes (starting from $5/ea & up, depending on quality, of course. & I must say that the $5 "house blend" that I've tried was pretty darn good in taste, smell, & more importantly potency). You can even get 'em in a pack, like reg. cigarettes. Everything that I've tried here, so far, has been of GOOD quality, with pretty reasonable prices. You WILL get a BETTER price IF you HAVE a Dr's recommendation (due to the HUMONGOUS, 34.5% "CA Cannabis TAX" on all meds sold for the RECREATIONAL use, but that's not their doing/fault, & is likely the same everywhere else in CA?!), PARTICULARLY on their "specials", as well as "in the long run", via having to pay FAR less in taxes. HOWEVER(!) you *DO NOT NEED a DR. recommendation (*as long as you're NOT at the LONG BEACH branch, for now), you ONLY NEED YOUR VALID CA ID/DL to get in/make a purchase. There is a private parking area upfront, it's EASILY visible off the street, & is RIGHT off the 110 FWY.
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Stone Age Farmacy’s Los Angeles Recreational & medical and recreational (21+) marijuana dispensary offers a large variety of cannabis products and accessories to our patients, giving them the best possible medicinal benefit for their condition. Our experienced, friendly staff is available daily from 10am-8pm to answer your questions in person in our Los Angeles Recreational & medical marijuana dispensary showroom, by telephone, or via email. Founded in 2007, Stone Age has developed an enduring and positive reputation within our community.

We pride ourselves on our ability to educate clients and staff about the medicinal benefits of recreational & medical marijuana while keeping the safety of our patients as our top priority. Take a tour of our Los Angeles recreational & medical marijuana dispensary, read some of our Yelp reviews, or read on to learn more about our mission.

Our Mission

We strongly believe in the medicinal powers of the marijuana plant. We take pride in our ability to produce the best quality medicine with our cutting edge cultivation systems.

Community& Environment

  • To help keep our local community safe, clean, and peaceful.
  • To create a positive example in both the recreational & medical marijuana industry and for other communities working to revise recreational & medical marijuana laws.

Safety& Compassion

  • Offer safe access to lab tested medicine for clients who need relief from medical conditions.
  • Help individuals who comes through our doors to feel truly cared for, valued, and respected.

Education& Guidance

  • Provide sensible cannabis use and consumption education to our patients.

Selection& Variety

  • To provide the widest variety of the highest grade recreational & medical marijuana for our patients.

Dedicated to providing the highest quality medicine & service

Los Angeles Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary Sales ConsultantsStone Age Farmacy LA is a recreational & medicinal marijuana dispensary & collective serving co-op member-patients in the South Los Angeles area. We pride ourselves on promoting active co-op memberships with legally-recognized Los Angeles recreational & medical marijuana dispensary patients, and we are working toward building a stronger, more educated alternative treatment community one patient at a time.

Los Angeles Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary Yelp AwardWe are a group of cannabis professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality medicine, service, and experience to California recreational & medical marijuana patients. We strive to enhance the lives of our patients while changing the perception of marijuana as a viable and safe medicine for an array of conditions. The net earnings of the Los Angeles recreational & medical marijuana dispensary are devoted exclusively to educational and social welfare purposes with limited lobbying. Stone Age Farmacy LA does not have shareholders or investors, does not distribute profits or earnings to any person, and does not unlawfully discriminate.