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Category: Rewards

Does Stone Age have a Rewards program?

Yes! You earn 1 loyalty point for every $1 you spend at Stone Age. This includes online orders as well as in-store purchases.

Check your points balance by texting your full name, driver's license or passport ID number, followed by the word: POINTS (i.e. Mary Jane A1234567 POINTS) to (562) 655-7160. Please note: balance-checks are not automated, so the response may not be immediate.

Loyalty Program Rewards
Loyalty Points Reward Terms
420 $20 off next purchase $40 minimum purchase
More rewards coming soon!

Are my old points from last year still valid?

We have deployed a brand new customer loyalty program for 2021, simplifying rewards redemptions and allowing the addition of some very exciting new prizes (coming soon). Unfortunately this also means loyalty points collected prior to 2021 may no longer be available.

Don't worry, this is not something that can happen again anytime soon. Upgrading our technology is just one of the many adjustments required of CA cannabis retailers to comply with statewide Track-and-Trace efforts. Any minor short-term expenses or inconveniences to retailers and customers have been far outweighed by the expanded access, enhanced safety measures, and improved overall quality control the industry now enjoys throughout California.