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Why does Stone Age charge so much tax?

Unfortunately this is something that all licensed dispensaries in the state must account for, whether it is bundled into the price or listed separately on the receipt, it still must be paid. Stone Age Long Beach has made the decision to be completely transparent with our medicinal and recreational customers about how much the state of California requires to be set aside for taxes.

You can read more about the legislation related to taxing marijuana sales in California, or contact us with any other questions you might have on the subject.

Recreational Customers (18.25%):
10.25% Sales Tax Assessed for retail sales anywhere in Long Beach
8% Adult Use Cannabis Tax Cannabis specific tax for recreational customers only
Medical Customers (16.25%):
10.25% Sales Tax Assessed for retail sales anywhere in Long Beach
6% Medical Use Cannabis Tax Cannabis specific tax for medicinal customers* only

*If you are issued a medical card by the state of CA, not an independent doctor, you are exempt from paying any cannabis-specific taxes (sales tax must still be assessed). Products without any cannabis, such as glassware, lighters, rolling papers, etc., are subject only to the 10.25% sales tax.

Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

Stone Age now accepts credit cards with PIN numbers! If you are not sure if your credit card has a PIN number, learn more about it here.

You may also use our on-site ATM or make a purchase using your debit card with our Cashless ATM system.

Fees Charged with Debit and Credit Purchases

Each debit or credit card transaction includes a $3.50 fee, in addition to any fees your bank may assess on top of that. Those additional fees would be equivalent to what you are normally charged by your bank to use an "out of network" ATM. Bank ATM fees vary based on your bank and the type of account you have. A 2017 Bankrate report found that that the average cost for withdrawing money from an out-of-network ATM reached a record $4.69 this fall. The average fee ATM operators charge also increased to $2.97.

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