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Growing Cannabis with Marijuana Clones

Growing cannabis with marijuana clones is a way of propagating plants through asexual reproduction by cutting and rooting a healthy shoot. This process is also known as ‘taking a cutting’. All of our clones can be ordered online for in-store pickup.

Cultivation Questions?   Grower's Guide

Over many thousands of years, humans have exploited this ability to select plants that have particular desirable properties like high yields or pleasant flavors. Marijuana farmers are no different. The donor plant is often referred to as a ‘mother plant’. Growing cannabis with marijuana clones generally involves taking this 'donation' from a mother plant while in its vegetative stage.

Stone Age Farmacy offers a variety of quality medical marijuana clones and post-sale cultivation guidance. Below is a brief guide to growing cannabis with marijuana clones:

New Growers

Indoor growing requires a high pressure sodium light, hood, and ballast which can cost between $100-200. Growing outdoor would be the most cost efficient as electricity and hardware are the biggest cost. For the vegetative light cycle, you could leave your plant outside during the day and bring it inside at night, putting a simple fluorescent light over it for the remainder of the light hours.

Medical Marijuana Clones

Once it's ready to be switched to the flowering cycle, you could leave it outside day and night depending on the time of year. However, since complete darkness is important, if there are any street lights around, you should probably bring it inside at night to be placed in a dark place. This is key so that your plant does not get confused and switch back to vegetative growth. Also, plants don’t do well under 55°F, so if it is getting cold at night, you should bring it inside. For these reasons, it’s best to put it in a pot so it can remain mobile.

Why Grow with Clones?

There are a number of benefits to growing from medical marijuana clones that are healthy and free of insects. These include:

  • Known sex (female) – this will make buds with lots of resin, not pollen. It also means less potential for accidental seeding in your garden.
  • They are often available after harvest if you want to start another crop; no need to keep separate growing areas as a nursery for producing transplants.
  • When buying medical marijuana clones from Stone Age, you have a partner with you in the garden. Our cultivation experts will be able to provide you with valuable growing information and support as you get started.
  • Growth habits and finishing times will be even for each plant from the same clone – this allows for a uniform grow cycle throughout your garden.

Vegetative Stage

*18-24 hrs of light

The 24hr light cycle will allow your new clone to grow through vegetative means (it will not flower). It's important to assess how much space you have to grow because once you switch to the flowering light cycle, your plant will be about three times its vegetative size.

Flower Light Cycle

*12 hrs light/ 12 hrs dark (complete darkness is important)

Once you switch to this light cycle, the 12 hrs darkness will allow your plant to build up an internal chemical which tells it to begin flowering. The flowering cycle is roughly 8 to 10 weeks.

Ideal Temperature

The ideal temperature for your growing environment is between 75-78°F.

Ideal Humidity

For the best flowering results, the humidity of your greenhouse or other growing area should stay around 50%.

Growing Mediums

Easiest in soil. Fox Farm, ocean forest soil is recommended in a 3 gallon pot. Veg plant until it is about 18" high which will finish at 3’ tall (this is a rough estimate and will vary depending on strain type).


Purified water is best. There are many minerals in tap water that your plant doesn’t want.

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Further Reading

These are just the basics of growing. For further information and questions, our indoor growing experts are available to answer your questions via email.