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Misc Documentation

This page is just a collection of miscellaneous instructions for various 3rd party applications and services we use.

Blaze POS

For help with Blaze, submit a support ticket or use the live chat feature in the Help Center. You can login to the Help Center & review your tickets with the same username/password you use to access Blaze. You may also call (415) 964-5689 for support by phone. If you still feel like more individual attention is required, complete an internal support request.

WordPress Plugins

Technical Support Request

Task/Project Management

Teamline Project Management

Teamline is a Slack-based project management system that is very easy to use. It is the kind of software that becomes more useful the more we use it. It can help us complete all kinds of projects by making sure everyone involved has instant access to a single, centralized workspace containing a complete description of what needs to get done, each team-member's specific role, due dates, and related discussions/comments. You have the ability to "attach" any related files as well, such as photos or graphics. The use of labels, also helps categorize tasks and helps keep priorities in order.

You can use this simple shortcut, to see all tasks for which you are designated as an "assignee".

There are a number of different ways to create, access, manage, or assign/delegate tasks, though a dedicated mobile app is not yet available.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to take care of most essential functions without ever leaving Slack.

You can also monitor tasks with your personal calendar from any device/platform and your preferred application (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, etc.). All active tasks can be reviewed through Google Calendar right here!

If you get stuck or have any questions, you can usually find the answer in their FAQs & support documentation.

WordPress Plugins

Active Plugins (48)

  1. BLAZE Retail Widget - BLAZE
  2. Broken Link Checker - WPMU DEV
  3. Call Now Button - Jerry & Jasper
  4. Classic Editor - WordPress Contributors
  5. Custom css-js-php - flippercode
  6. Defender Pro - WPMU DEV
  7. Ditty - Metaphor Creations
  8. Don’t Muck My Markup - Martyn Chamberlin
  9. DreamHost Panel Login - DreamHost, danielbachhuber
  10. Duplicate Page - mndpsingh287
  11. Envato Market - Envato
  12. EventON - AshanJay
  13. FAQ Concertina - Michael Burridge, Zyriab Ltd.
  14. Feedzy RSS Feeds Lite - Themeisle
  15. Five Star Business Profile and Schema - Five Star Plugins
  16. FSM Custom Featured Image Caption - Fesomia
  17. Gravity Forms - Gravity Forms
  18. Gravity Forms Mad Mimi Add-On - Gravity Forms
  19. Gravity Forms Slack Add-On - Gravity Forms
  20. Gravity Forms Zapier Add-On - Gravity Forms
  21. Hummingbird Pro - WPMU DEV
  22. Mad Mimi Forms by Optin Cat - Fatcat Apps
  23. Modern Web Templates theme addons - mwtemplates
  24. MWT Helpers - MWTemplates
  25. NextGEN Gallery - Imagely
  26. Page scroll to id - malihu
  27. Plugins List - David Artiss
  28. Post Tags and Categories for Pages - curtismchale
  29. Preserve Code Formatting - Scott Reilly
  30. Real Time Validation for Gravity Forms - Wisetr
  31. Redirection - John Godley
  32. Reviews for Schema - Magazine3
  33. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP - Magazine3
  34. ShiftNav - Responsive Mobile Menu - Chris Mavricos, SevenSpark
  35. SimpLy Gallery Block & Lightbox - GalleryCreator
  36. Smart Recent Posts Widget - Idenovasi
  37. Smash Balloon Instagram Feed - Smash Balloon
  38. Snapshot Pro - WPMU DEV
  39. Snazzy Maps - Snazzy Maps
  40. Unyson - ThemeFuse
  41. Unyson WooCommerce Shortcodes - FlyTemplates
  42. User Activity Log - Solwin Infotech
  43. Widget CSS Classes - Jory Hogeveen
  44. Widget Options - Widget Options Team
  45. WooCommerce - Automattic
  46. WP Force SSL - WebFactory Ltd
  47. WP Mailto Links - Hide & Protect Emails - Ironikus
  48. WPMU DEV Dashboard - WPMU DEV

Inactive Plugins (4)

  1. SmartCrawl Pro - WPMU DEV
  2. Smush Pro - WPMU DEV
  3. Woocommerce Lucky Wheel Premium - VillaTheme
  4. WP-SCSS - Connect Think