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What Is the Highest Quality Concentrate and Oil?

Patients often ask our budtenders, "What is the highest quality of concentrate or oil that we carry?" The answer is Pure Gold! We offer the 400mg THC dose/0.5g tube of Pure Gold for $45.00. It comes in a glycerine squeeze tube that can be dispensed into single drops for dabbing and/or adding on top of…
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What Are Sativas?

Many patients have asked our budtenders about our sativa strains and the desired effects that they can have. There are sativas that are said to be "cerebral relaxants" and then there are sativa strains that are said to be "cerebral stimulants." So what exactly is the difference? Cerebral relaxants will help to slow the thought…
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How To Make Medicated Coconut Oil

Many of our patients have asked for a recommended recipe of how to make Medicated Coconut Oil for someone with a HIGH TOLERANCE: 16 oz. jar of any REFINED Coconut Oil 1/2 oz. of Platinum Harvest Shake 1/2 oz. of Private Reserve Shake If you want to make it EXTRA strong, add: 1/2 Gram of…
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Budtender’s Pick of the Day: Chernobyl

Come check out our Budtender's Pick of the Day- CHERNOBYL! Chernobyl is one of our "Private Reserve" strains. It has been rated one of the top 10 strains of 2010 by High Times. It is a cross of Train Wreck, Jack the Ripper and Trinity. It's a Sativa and has a long lasting cerebral effect…
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