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Stone Age Gets #WEEDWISE

Stone Age Supports Licensed Cannabis Retailers in SoCal

You can't see the toxic chemicals in unlicensed weed.

Stone Age Farmacy is proud to have been one of the first retailers in the Los Angeles area to be granted a license permitting recreational cannabis sales. Since opening the doors of our first location in 2007, Stone Age has taken the responsibility that comes with official state licensing seriously because it is important for the health of our business and our customers.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for every cannabis business that has popped up in the Los Angeles area. A primary concern related to the continued operation of unlicensed and unscrupulous retailers in our industry is the introduction of dangerous, foreign material into untested cannabis. Illegal pesticides, chemicals, mold, and even fecal matter have been found in cannabis confiscated from illegal dispensaries in Southern California.

The cost of identifying and impounding this dangerous material is just one area in which illegal operations drain municipal resources, drive up prices across the board, and hinder progress toward nationwide legalization.

These unlicensed operations and their unprincipled business practices also counter the tremendous progress that has been made in recent years toward lifting the stigma connected to medicinal and recreational cannabis use. That stigma continues to stifle potentially life-saving medical research. It is also a primary reason licensed operations in legal remain locked out of the federally insured banking industry, forcing legitimate operations to deal mostly in cash. This continues to be one of the most difficult challenges for licensed retailers, driving up costs in the form of security and theft protection, while introducing a wholly unnecessary safety risk for staff and customers alike.

The reasons above are just a small part of why Stone Age Farmacy supports the #weedwise initiative, a statewide public information program launched by the Bureau of Cannabis Control to encourage consumers to purchase cannabis only from licensed businesses.

Retailers interested in participating in the program can learn more at the Bureau’s website, where promotional materials can be downloaded free of charge. Consumers can verify the legal status of a cannabis business visiting the Bureau's Online License Search system at
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