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Los Angeles dispensary patient reviews

Patient ReviewsCheck out some of the glowing Los Angeles dispensary patient reviews received about Stone Age Farmacy through a variety of platforms including Google, Weedmaps, Yelp, and more. Stone Age is proud to display Los Angeles dispensary patient reviews recognizing our dedicated staff and top quality cannabis strains and products.

Stone Age LA is always loaded with amazing stuff. They provide knowledgeable service and are always friendly. I'm still not use to their greeting (it freaks me out), but I love that they acknowledge me every time I go to refill. This place rocks my pants off. Oh and they always have amazing specials!

Voodoo13, Patient

This is my spot!!! I'm super spoiled by the staff and the atmosphere is always wonderful. It's going to be hard for another place to pull me way from this place. Their deals and specials are always on point!

BigLoon157, Patient

Best location by far! Service is great and there are many different strains to choose from. The environment is excellent! I would highly recommend people to check this collective out.

Exstendos, Patient

Very professional atmosphere and staff. Everyone is very friendly and informative. The weed strains are great for the price. Early bird specials are the way to go. This is my spot!

Nikkisims, Patient