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Los Angeles dispensary patient reviews

Patient ReviewsCheck out some of the glowing Los Angeles dispensary patient reviews received about Stone Age Farmacy through a variety of platforms including Google, Weedmaps, Yelp, and more. Stone Age is proud to display Los Angeles dispensary patient reviews recognizing our dedicated staff and top quality cannabis strains and products.

Love this place good customer service n great flowers there employees actually know what they are talking about compared to shops I've been to.

Ricky V, Rookie Patient

Great selection, great prices, and phenomenal staff. Able to educate patients while still moving everybody through in a timely manner. Great place, will be back.

Casey, Rookie Patient

Great dispensary! They have a great staff full of beautiful people. They know me by name and I'm always leaving with a smile on my face. The weed is also amazing and they have good deals! Check out out!

Nashapink, Patient

This is the best one I've ever been to. When you walk in the door, you are greeted by all employees with a, "HI WELCOME TO STONE AGE!" They take pride in knowing their strains and what they do medically. All of their associates are very polite and willing to assist. I LOVE THIS PLACE...

OneGrow, Patient