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Los Angeles dispensary patient reviews

Patient ReviewsCheck out some of the glowing Los Angeles dispensary patient reviews received about Stone Age Farmacy through a variety of platforms including Google, Weedmaps, Yelp, and more. Stone Age is proud to display Los Angeles dispensary patient reviews recognizing our dedicated staff and top quality cannabis strains and products.

I have visited several dispensaries just to get familiar of locations, and I have to say that Stone Age Farmacy is the best out of all of them. They have more inventory, and nothing but the friendliest people work there. All the employees are very informed of the products and are so helpful in figuring exactly what it is their customer needs. I have referred several people to Stone Age Farmacy., as there is no other place better. Highly recommended.

Lisa Bain, Rookie Patient

My experience with this shop is excellent ! I am always treated with the upmost respect. I come here so often I made friends with the bud tenders. I love them! They are so nice .. they're always suggesting which strand I should try next. They don't just give you any thing to try to they ask questions and get to know your type. They're the best.

Tiera Rogers, Experienced Patient

Every time I come here the staff is always great they are very patient when you try to make a decision . they have great prices as well definitely would recommend

Jessica Christion, Rookie Patient

My experience with this shop is excellent! Every I come here the bud tenders are so friendly. The prices are great ! I come here often and I'm always remembered by them . They have great service

Tiera Rogers, Experienced Patient