Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Limitless Quality Medical Cannabis

Stone Age Farmacy medical marijuana dispensary offers has been offering the highest quality strains, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and more to Gardena and surrounding communities in the Los Angeles area since 2007. We are a group of cannabis professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality medicine, service, and experience to registered California medical marijuana patients.

For the protection of our members, we maintain a strict compliance with California's medical marijuana laws, servicing legally qualified patients and their primary caregivers who are engaged in the medical cultivation and use of cannabis as authorized under California Health and Safety Codes and Proposition 215.

We strive to enhance the lives of our patients while changing the perception of marijuana as a viable and safe medicine for an array of conditions. The net earnings of the collective are devoted exclusively to educational and social welfare purposes with limited lobbying. Stone Age Farmacy LA does not have shareholders or members, does not distribute profits or earnings to any person, and does not unlawfully discriminate.