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Medical & Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries

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Stone Age Los Angeles
Serving both medical & recreational customers (21+ with valid ID)

Stone Age Farmacy’s Los Angeles medical and recreational (21+) marijuana dispensary offers a large variety of cannabis products and accessories to our customers, providing the most effective medicinal benefits possible and the safest options for recreational use. Stone Age LA is proud to have secured one of the first licenses in Los Aneles allowing us to serve recreational customers.

Order Online at Weedmaps.comThe experienced staff at Stone Age are are prepared to meet the new challenges these new laws will bring to this exciting new industry, and look forward to guiding our new customers and the community about safe, responsible enjoyment of recreational cannabis.

Marijuana Taxes in California

Please note: the privilege of offering recreational cannabis products mandates strict compliance with a number of new regulations, including additional tax liabilities that may cause certain items to be priced differently from those purchased through California's existing medical marijuana statutes.

If you are unsure of how these new taxes might apply to products you plan on purchasing, please review some of the new tax policies, or contact Stone Age ahead of time so that there are no surprises when you arrive in our showroom.

Stone Age Long Beach
Serving medical customers (18+ with valid CA MMJ recommendation)

Stone Age Long BeachSince its grand opening last year, Stone Age Long Beach has established itself as a reputable and popular Downtown Long Beach destination, offerin the same great selection of cannabis products and accessories found at Stone Age LA. At present, Stone Age Long Beach is able to serve medicinal customers only, offering industry-leading expertise to help patients achieve the maximum possible benefit from medicinal cannabis.

Our experienced, friendly staff is available daily from 10am-8pm in LA (9am-8pm in Long Beach) to answer your questions in person in our marijuana dispensary showrooms. You can also reach us via email, or by phone at (310) 366-5906 (LA), or (562) 676-4014 (Long Beach).