Medical & Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

Daily Deals on Medical & Recreational Cannabis in Los Angeles, Long Beach, & Portland.

Stone Age Farmacy offers safe access to a huge variety of cannabis products and accessories at a licensed marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Portland, OR.

Since launching our first marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles/Gardena back in 2007, Stone Age has adhered to its primary mission of providing safe access to high quality cannabis products at a professional, licensed marijuana dispensary to patients in need. As one of the first marijuana dispensary sites in Los Angeles to be awarded a license permitting recreational sales, we welcome the added responsibility of educating our new customers about safe, responsible recreational use. The experienced staff at Stone Age are are prepared to meet the challenges these new laws will bring to this exciting new industry.

In a hurry? Order online instead of waiting in one!

Stone Age Farmacy marijuana dispensaries are now accepting online orders for in-store pickup from our Los Angeles and Long Beach locations.

Home delivery service is not available at this time, but please let us know if you'd like to receive deliveries from Stone Age in the future.

Our medical and recreational marijuana dispensary showroom is open daily from 8am-9pm in Los Angeles, 9am-9pm in Long Beach, and 8am-10pm in Portland. Our experienced, friendly staff is available to answer your questions by phone or email.

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The Stone Age Farmacy marijuana dispensary carries a giant selection of cannabis including top-shelf choices like True Saint, Clementine, and Super Skunk. Medicinal patients and recreational marijuana dispensary customers alike will find concentrated relief in wax and vape cartridges by Heavy Hitter and Stone Age, our in-house brand. Stone Age also stocks edibles, cannabis clones, prerolls, and smoking accessories.